What is the fastest way to get the divorce in Ukraine?

When you finally decided that there is no future for your marriage you may also wish to complete all formalities as soon as possible.

The time of getting the divorce in Ukraine will depend on just a several issues:

  • the consent of your spouse
  • the dispute over the common children, if any
  • some peculiarities of local courts

If you agree with your spouse to divorce and there are no children fromm your marriage you can simply register your divorce in the Registry of civil status (RAGS). The procedure takes around 1 month and requires the presence of both parties.

If there is no possibility to get the consent of your spouse on divorce, you inevitably have to go to the court.

But divorce through the court is not all doom and gloom. Despite some bureaucratic issues divorce procedure in Ukraine is quite predictable. Even in the absence of your respondent the court usually renders the decision within 6 months.

If there are children in the marriage the case can be more complicated, but still successful since the basic principle of Ukrainian Family law – “no one can be forced to stay in marriage against his/her will”.