The cost of our legal services in divorce cases is capped to USD 890 and includes the following:

1. Initial advising on the prospects, terms, outcome of the case along with the list of required documents free of charge
2. Drafting the divorce petition in Ukrainian with translation into English USD 100
3. Drafting the Power of Attorney USD   50
4. Filing the divorce petition to the court USD   50
5. Representing the client in the court hearings (up to 3 court sessions), including: USD 150
6. Obtaining the copy of the court decision on divorce, sending the original decision to the client USD   40
  TOTAL: USD 490


The Client shall pay the retainer in amount of USD 250 after signing the divorce petition and before filing it to the court.

The Client shall settle final invoice within 10 days after the obtaining the decision on divorce.

For initiating the divorce proceedings we will just need the copies of available documents that may serve as the evidences in the court proceedings and Power of Attorney issued by the Client and verified with Apostille. 

We accept payment by bank/wire transfer and cash.