It was a relief to settle the divorce in Ukraine in 2 months and not to get involved in the process emotionally


Frederick Meyer


My ex-wife threatened me with her excessive rights under Ukrainian law and DIU team helped me to stand upon my rights.


Jon Magnussen

I could not see my child because my ex-wife ignored me. DIU helped with access and visitation schedule promptly.


Bragansa Antonio


Although I and my Ukrainian ex-wife stayed abroad of Ukraine we were able to settle the divorce and property matter in Ukraine efficiently.


Pascal Guyot


My fiancée needed a help with the divorce from her ex. DIU team supported her in the proceedings very professionally.


Keith Christensen


Though we were married in UK I was able to get the divorce in Ukraine at the city where I resided recently. Thank you for advice!


Eric Abtan


I doubted I would see my son again, since my wife stayed with him in Ukraine and refused to speak to me. Lawyers helped me to schedule the visitation and time for vacation with my child!


Shaun Keating


It was a problem to bring my wife’s daughter with us to Australia, because her father rejected to give the permission. DIU lawyers handled the court case allowing the child to leave Ukraine.


Radu Logigan


I am completely satisfied with DIU services and If I encounter a future situation, please be sure that I will come to your firm as well as recommending potential clients to you.

DIU team is “top notch” and I am very pleased to have found your law firm.


Robert L. Macias