Division of property

Article 70 of the Family Code of Ukraine sets equal shares of wife and husband in case of division of the joint matrimonial property.

When considering the dispute with regard to property partition, the court may derogate from the principles of spouses’ shares equality, in particular,
- if one of the spouses did not care about financial maintenance of the family,
- concealed, destroyed or damaged the joint property,
- spent it in the way incompatible with family interests.

At judge's discretion the wife’s, husband’s share may be increased if he/she lives together with children and/or adult unable to work.

In court practice, property division cases are considered separately from divorce and maintenance disputes.

In family law the cases on property partition are regarded as the most complicated and lengthy proceedings.
We believe that our experience and professional approach will ensure efficient tactic and strategy.

To apply to the court for division of joint matrimonial property on your behalf we will need the following info and documents:

  1. Names and places of residence of both ex-spouses
  2. Date and place of marriage (copy of marriage certificate if available)
  3. Date and place of divorce (copy of the court decision if available)
  4. List of property the applicant wish to divide
  5. Power of Attorney for representation your interests in the court verified with Apostille (we will provide you with the draft).

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